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Glamour and Boudoir Images
Tom creates exquisite,
sensuous images that capture and enhance your unique style of beauty! Call us today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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We guarantee you'll be thrilled with your images!

Just about every woman would love to have glamorous photos of herself, but it takes a photographer with a certain expertise and flair to do it right. With more than 16 years experience photographing women in his studio, Tom knows how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your session, so you can look and feel great in front of the camera! Tom will work with you to create stylish, contemporary images that are both tasteful and sensuous!

We're nothing like those glamour or pinup studios you may have seen advertised, where every woman is given the same treatment and comes out looking pretty much the same. Instead, Tom will create images that celebrate the unique qualities of your face, figure, and personality that make you so special. Tom then professionally retouches your chosen photos, eliminating any complexion flaws, slimming you wherever you may need it, adding special effects, etc. You'll come out looking absolutely gorgeous in your photos - guaranteed!

A note from Tom:

If you're a woman considering getting some intimate, sensuous images of yourself, you may be thinking something like: "I've never done anything like this before - it's a little scary!" Well, let me try to put your fears to rest! First of all, I can provide you with references of women I've photographed recently, so you can hear what others think of working with me. Second, if you'd like, we can meet at the studio before your session to look at and discuss what types of images you'd like to get. This will give you a chance to meet me and see the studio, so when you arrive for the actual session, you'll already be more comfortable with me and the shooting environment.

Third, I have lots of experience working with non-professionals, and I know how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the session. And, since we'll be able to look at the photos as we take them, you'll be able to see how you look while we're shooting: we can make changes in wardrobe, posing, or lighting right on the spot, delete the images you don't like, and ultimately end up with a beautiful assortment of images you're going to love!

I've developed an artistic, contemporary style that is at once wholesome, classy, and yet unabashedly sensuous! No hazy images, no corny backgrounds, no silly props. My images celebrate your beauty in a totally positive way; people always comment on how the women in my images look like they're totally comfortable and having a good time! You will too!

 The top 5 reasons women say they're looking to get Glamour/Boudoir images:
  • As a very special gift for your husband or boyfriend
  • So when you're older, you'll have some great photos of yourself in your "prime" to look at!
  • You've recently had cosmetic surgery, and want photos of the "new you"!
  • To use on various social or dating websites
  • Just because it'll be lots of fun and you've always wanted to do it!

Tom normally shoots glamour/boudoir sessions in his studio, but he can also arrange to photograph you in your home or other location. This can add an even higher level of comfort to your session, and the resulting images will be more personal and distinctive! Just contact us for details on this special service.

Our complete Glamour/Boudoir Packages are priced to fit every budget, plus you can sometimes find exceptional discounts on online deal sites like Groupon. Your photos are supplied as high-resolution digital files, which you can view on your computer or smartphone, send by email, or post on various social and/or dating websites. The files can also be used to make high-quality prints up to 16" x 20". Contact us today for complete information! 

Important!!! You must be at least 18 years of age to schedule a Glamour/Boudoir photo session!

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Glamour/Boudoir FAQ's:

How does the whole process work?

If you'd like, we can first set up a preliminary meeting at our studio, if you don't live too far away. At this meeting we'll look at and discuss what kinds of images you'd like to create, plan some of the details of your session, and go over how to prepare and what to bring to the session. During this meeting you'll get to know us a little better, so that when you arrive for your session you'll be much more comfortable than if you were coming here for the first time. 

About 10 days to 2 weeks after your session, we'll send you proof sheets by email, which will include the best images taken during your session. Once you decide which images you want, it will then usually take about 1 to 2 weeks for us to retouch and prepare your final images.

What's included in a Glamour/Boudoir Package?

Every Glamour/Boudoir Package includes your Studio Photo Session, editing of the best few dozen images onto digital proof sheets, and professional digital retouching of your chosen photos. Most Packages will supply you with the retouched photos as digital files, although prints can also be made if needed.

We have an assortment of different Packages designed to meet various needs and budgets, so let us know what you're looking for and we'll go over the specific details and prices of the Packages that will fit your needs.

What will my Session be like?

We'll plan your session to create the mix of images and looks you'd like to have. These can include elegant or romantic lingerie images, sexy "Playboy-style" shots, artistic nude or semi-nude images, etc. - the choice of looks is entirely up to you. Every aspect of the session, including lighting and backgrounds, will be custom-tailored to best achieve the results you want. When you arrive for your session, we'll look through the wardrobe you've brought to choose which items we'll use first, and then we'll be ready to start shooting.

The photo sessions are structured to be relaxed and fun - we want you to really enjoy yourself so you'll come out looking your best. Most sessions last from about 2-4 hours, and so we schedule most sessions for the afternoon. You'll be our only customer then, so there'll be plenty of time to shoot, and no time pressures. Also, only you and Tom will be in the studio while we're shooting, so you won't have to worry about being uncomfortable in front of any assistants or others.

We'll be shooting digitally, and we'll stop now and then to look through the images we've created. You'll be amazed at how much more relaxed and confident you'll feel when you can actually see the results as we go along! We won't waste a good part of a session shooting in one outfit or lighting setup, only to find out later that it doesn't really flatter you. By viewing the images as we go along, changes in wardrobe, hair, lighting, or camera angle can be made right on the spot, and shots you don't like can be immediately deleted. The end result is that we'll end up with a lot more great shots for you to choose from!

How should I prepare for the session? What should I bring?

Make sure you arrive at the session on-time and well-rested: you won't be looking your best if you arrive tired from lack of sleep, or frazzled from rushing here late. Also, we've seen a couple of customers fast on the session day and arrive hungry, because they wanted to look as thin as possible in the photos. This is a bad idea - DON'T DO IT! You'll need all your energy to pose for several hours and keep looking your best! Remember, we can always digitally retouch the final photos to tuck in your tummy or whatever, so it's not at all necessary to starve yourself to look great in your photos.

Have your hair and/or makeup already done as you'd like it, but bring makeup and a comb or brush so you can do touch-ups before and during the session. You may also want to bring along some music you like to play while we shoot - this can help set the right mood, and help you feel more relaxed.

The wardrobe you bring will depend on the kinds of images we'll be creating. In general, the more outfits and accessories you bring, the better! We'll want to achieve a variety of different looks, and we want to have the option of changing if we decide a particular wardrobe item isn't working. 

The most important thing to bring to your session is a positive and fun attitude! Your facial expression and body language will affect the final results more than the wardrobe or lighting, so if you're feeling beautiful, confident and sexy, your photos will come out great!

Can I bring along a friend or escort to the session?

You can certainly bring along someone to the session; please be aware, however, that in most cases that person will not be allowed in the studio while we are shooting. The main reason for this is that we will need to establish a certain rapport and concentrate on each other during the session, in order for you to produce the most confident and interesting expressions and poses. In my experience and that of many other photographers, other persons in the studio are always a distraction, no matter how "quiet" they say they will be. For example, a woman who brings a friend or boyfriend will always look at them for approval, or share a giggle with them; this changes her expression and prevents her from concentrating on the shoot. Also, although you may think you want someone else there for "support", you'll probably find yourself feeling more self-conscious posing in front of them, and this will prevent us from creating the very best images. We all want your session to be as successful as possible, so if you need someone to drive you to or accompany you to the session, please make them aware that they will need to remain outside the studio in our waiting area during the session.

We certainly respect every woman's need to ensure her safety, especially when nude or sexy photographs might be involved. For our part, we have an excellent reputation to uphold, and wouldn't want anything to jeopardize that. If safety is a concern, we encourage you to check our references, which we will gladly supply. You can also Google us to find out more about us; Google "Tom Stio" and you'll find lots of links to my current and past professional activities.

Who owns the rights to the photographs we take? What about nude photos?

By law, photographers retain the copyright to photographs they take. However, because we are creating these images for you, we automatically grant you the rights to use them in any manner you wish, except for outright commercial uses (for example, you could not make posters or t-shirts of the photos and sell them for profit, without reaching a written agreement with the photographer).

On the other hand, although we retain copyright, our use of the images is also limited to non-commercial uses, unless we reach an agreement with you. In the vast majority of instances, our main use of any images we create will be in our portfolio and/or website for self-promotion of our photography business. Another possible use is exhibition in a gallery or museum of fine art images we may create (most of these images are anonymous).

In all cases, we will agree not to use in our portfolio, website, or exhibitions any nude, semi-nude, or lingerie images in which you can be identified, if you so desire. We certainly respect your right to privacy, and will exhibit identifiable images of you only with your consent.

How are payments handled?

Payment for any Glamour/Boudoir Package is due in full at the time of the session. Payment for any additional prints or digital files you order is due before the files are emailed to you, or at the time you come pick them up. Payments can be made by cash or personal checks (sorry, we don't currently accept credit or debit cards), and of course, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, unlike most photographers, we guarantee your complete satisfaction! If you are not satisfied with the images we create, we will either re-shoot you or refund your money. Your satisfaction with our prints or digital files is also completely guaranteed. We won't be satisfied unless you're so thrilled with your images that you go tell all your friends about us! And in fact, a large percentage of our customers comes to us because they were recommended by a friend or colleague.