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Fine Art Photography: The Kinsey Collection

The Kinsey Institute of Sexual Research, made famous by the 2004 Hollywood film "Kinsey", has acquired more than 20 of Tom's unique images for its permanent collection of fine art photographs. Read below to find out more about the Kinsey Institute, and how you may acquire these images for your own collection.
All images © Tom Stio. Unauthorized use of any images on this site is strictly prohibited.

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The Kinsey Institute

The Kinsey institute was founded in 1947 by Dr. Alfred Kinsey, and is located on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington, IN. The Institute's purpose is to promote research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction. The Institute recently gained widespread public attention as a result of the major Hollywood film "Kinsey," starring Liam Neeson.

As part of its mission, the Kinsey Institute maintains several large collections of art and film, including an extensive collection of fine art photographs related to human sexuality, dating from the 1870s to the present. After viewing an exhibition of some of Tom's fine art images, 
the Institute's curator contacted Tom with the intent of acquiring some for the Institute's collection. More than 20 of Tom's images are now in the Kinsey Institute's permanent collection, many of which are illustrated below.

i i
Nude Dancer II Nude/Landscape I Pregnant Pause
Keyhole Split Temple of Heaven
Gravid Torso The Lovers Inner Glow
Saturnalia Evaluation Contraposition

Scene fr/ Carmina Burana I Scene fr/ Carmina Burana II Scene fr/ Carmina Burana III
Intimate Relationship Nude with Oboe Desire

How to Purchase Limited-Edition Prints of Tom's Images

Tom Stio's fine art photographs have been in dozens of exhibitions in local and regional galleries and museums, and are also in many private collections from coast to coast. Tom's photographs are printed on fine art digital photographic paper using the latest digital printing technologies; the resulting photographic prints have an archival life of approximately 200 years, surpassing the archival life of old-fashioned conventional prints. Each unique image is numbered and signed by the artist, and printed in limited editions of only 20 prints, making these prints not only beautiful and unique images you'll be proud to display in your home or office, but also an investment whose value will increase with time.

The size of these unframed prints range from approximately 8x10" to 12x18", and are available as either unmounted prints, or completely mounted and framed. Framed prints are assembled using all archival materials, of course.

To inquire about pricing and availability of particular images, just contact us and we'll supply you with complete information.