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Tom Stio, Photographer

Special Images for Musicians
You've probably seen some of Tom Stio's extraordinary images of musicians in publicity materials of all kinds. 
Check out the photos below to see the wide variety of looks and styles Tom can create for you! And be sure to ask about our student discounts!

All images © Tom Stio. Unauthorized use of any images on this site is strictly prohibited.

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     Musicians come to Tom Stio for very special images of themselves with their instruments. They use the images for portfolios, press kits, posters, programs, websites, and other promotional materials of all kinds.
     Tom will work with you to create visually-compelling images that communicate both your professionalism and your unique style! Call us today for more information.

Musicians with their Instruments


Looking for something a little different?
     Tom is well-known for his fine art images of nudes, and several musicians have asked him to create special nude images of themselves with their instruments for various promotional and personal purposes. Tom has recently begun exhibiting some of these images along with his other fine art images. You may find that your own version of one of these unique artistic images may be just the thing you need for your website, CD cover, etc. Interested? Just contact us for more information.
Nude Instrumental Images


For Headshots of Performers without Instruments, click here.
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