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 Publicity Photos
Tom's publicity photos are used by performers and performing arts companies to advertise upcoming events and for promotional materials of all kinds. Call us today for more information or to set up an appointment.

All images © Tom Stio. Unauthorized use of any images on this site is strictly prohibited.
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Publicity Photo FAQ's


What makes our Publicity Photos so special?

We understand that a great publicity photo communicates your skill, experience, and professionalism, and is actually an essential marketing tool for convincing the public to attend your performance or buy your CD! 

Whether you need promotional photos to advertise your upcoming performance, eye-catching images to enhance your website, or a special photo to use on the cover of your new CD or DVD, we can create dynamic, visually-compelling images for you in our studio or on location. Call us today for more information.

Publicity Photo FAQ's:

What's included in a Publicity Photo Package?

Every Publicity Photo Package includes your photo session, editing of the resulting photos down to the best images, professional digital retouching of your choice of one or more photos, and the retouched photos supplied to you as digital files and/or photographic prints.

You have a choice of two Publicity Photo Packages: the Single Session will last about 90 minutes, and we'll take about 100 shots of you. The Double Session will last about 120-180 minutes, and we'll take about 150-200 shots of you. The Single Session is usually sufficient for those who need just one or two final images: the Double Session is best for those who may need a variety of different types of shots, or for those who need both publicity and head shots. Please note: only Double Sessions are available for sessions shot on location.

Rather than give you all the photos from a session, we'll take the time to edit the photos for you, weeding out shots with closed eyes, "missed' poses, and mediocre expressions. The proofs you'll see will include only the best shots, which will make your job of selecting the best images much easier than if you had to go through every single shot we took.

What's a Session like?

Before the shooting begins, we'll take a little time to get to know each other a little. We want to find out who you are, how you'd like to come across, and exactly how you plan to use the images. We may look at some examples of other images to clarify what styles and looks you like or don't like. Then we'll custom-tailor every aspect of the session, including lighting and backgrounds, to best achieve the results you want.

We'll be shooting digitally, so once we begin shooting, we'll stop now and then to look through the images we've created. You be amazed at how relaxed and in control you'll feel when you can actually see the results as we go along! By viewing the images as we go along, changes in wardrobe, posing, lighting, or camera angle can be made right on the spot, and shots you don't like can be immediately deleted. The end result is that we'll end up with a lot more great images for you to choose from!

How should I prepare for the session? What should I bring?

Make sure you arrive at the session on-time and well-rested: you won't be looking your best if you arrive tired from lack of sleep, or frazzled from rushing here late. Have your hair and/or makeup already done as you'd like it - you can do last-minute touch-ups before and during the session. Double-check that you have all clothing, costumes, instruments, accessories, etc that you'll be using for the photos. It's also a good idea to bring along some appropriate music CDs to play while we shoot - this can help set the scene and help everyone feel more relaxed.

Can I bring along a friend or colleague to a studio session?

You can certainly bring along someone to the session; please be aware, however, that that person will not be allowed in the studio while we are shooting. The reason for this is that we will need to work together in a certain way during the session in order for you to produce the most confident, relaxed poses, and it is a fact that any other person in the room cannot help but be a distraction, preventing us from achieving the best results. We all want your session to be as successful as possible, so if you need someone to accompany you to the session, please make them aware that they will need to remain outside the studio for the entire length of the session.

How are payments handled?

Payment in full for any Publicity Photo Package is due at the time of the session. Payment for any additional prints or digital files is due at the time you receive them. Payments can be made by cash or personal checks (sorry, we don't currently accept credit or debit cards), and of course, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, unlike most photographers, we guarantee your complete satisfaction! If you are not satisfied with the images we create, we will either re-shoot you or refund your money. Your satisfaction with our prints or digital files is also completely guaranteed. We won't be satisfied unless you're so thrilled with your head shots that you go off telling everyone about us! And in fact, about half of our customers during the last few years came to us because they were recommended by a friend or colleague.